I talked about the Top 10 Underrated Movies that I thought were overlooked to me. These are movies that flew under the radar not necessarily movies that a lot of people saw. But maybe people think they’re underrated or underappreciated in some way.

Top 10 Underrated Movies

These are movies that to me are really good. It’s hard to even come by physical copies of them or maybe they’re not even out on Blu-ray. I recommended download and watch the Death of Captain America civil war Movie.

Top 10 Overlooked Movies in 2021

  1. Locke-2014


2. Overlooked Movie Empire Record in 1995

Empire Records

There are only three reviews for Top 10 Underrated Movies. I published this review. It’s not gonna have its tomato meter. What better shirt to wear when talking about an overlooked movie actually.

This is a complete mistake. I sat down and I was like oh fuck. So let’s talk about the film speak. It came out in 2004. It was written and directed by Jessica chars er based on the book by Laurie Halse Anderson.

3. Top 10 Underrated Movies- Mississippi 1992

Mississippi Masala

It starred Kristen Stewart fresh off of her excellent role in the panic room. Underrated Movies did not get a theatrical release. It went straight to the Showtime network.

It had its premiere at Sundance in 2004 and went straight to TV after that. Basically, Top 10 Underrated Movies exists solely on streaming at this point unless you have the DVD with it. Its commentaries and things like that.

4. Just Wright in 2010


The movie before, in fact, the only reason. I even came across it was. Because I was searching for Kristen Stewart’s filmography to see what else she had done.  I think she is a terrific actress.

She gets a lot of unnecessary hate because of her roles in Twilight. She’s a great actress and if her role in a panic room and directly. After this speak have anything to say. She was always a great actress. This movie about a young girl entering high school.

5. The Count Of Monte Cristo in 2002

The Count Of Monte Cristo

She has decided to not talk that much she says a few things here. There to her friends and family but for the most part. She doesn’t want to talk to anybody.  You can tell that something happened to her throughout the film.

We slowly uncover layer by layer a very traumatic event that ruined her life because this event, all of her friends at that time have pushed her away they all avoid her. They spread rumors about her throughout the school. I described it. It sounds like your typical teen angst movie.

6. Big Fan Movie in 2009


It’s really nothing like that this is one of the most mature explorations. I’ve seen trauma from the perspective of a young person. Who isn’t ready to come to terms with what happened and doesn’t understand.

How to explain that to anyone and keep in mind this movie is 16 years old in 2004. These types of movies weren’t being made as much as a young girl in high school. SO You should watch Top 10 Underrated Movies.

7. DISOBEDIENCE Movie in 2017

Who’s dealing with this kind of trauma and it’s just a straightforward mature look at. How that can affect somebody and ruin someone’s life. You know there’s no pop music there’s no teen romance MTV CW shit. These types of movies were few and far between back then in 2020.

Stewart is really good in this movie especially considering. How much weight this story has how important? It is for a lot of people. How a lot of that is all resting on her shoulders. She’s really good in the film and her.

8. Sunshine Movie in 2007

Sunshine Movie is a most popular cinema in 2007.

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