What is freelancing? And I’ve told you before how to start freelancing. Today I will discuss the top 10 list of freelancing sites. This is a profession or career, where you can work independently.

Top 10 List of freelancing sites

Top ten freelancing websites to find work 2021

This means you can work from home or anywhere else at your own convenience. Also, when will you work? Is there no fixed time in the day or night? However, this is the fun of freelancing. Here you can work for yourself as yourself.

There is a lot of money in freelancing work and many people are earning more than full-time jobs by doing this work from home. But, to continue working as a freelancer, you have to look for jobs or projects.

However, there are various freelancing sites to find jobs online as your interest, skills, and knowledge. You can get projects or work on various subjects by creating your own account by visiting these sites.

List of freelancing sites or top ten freelancing websites – (2021)

New freelancing websites list.

If you are thinking of earning part-time income along with a job or making a full-time income by freelancing, Then, of course, you will benefit from visiting these websites below. The below sites have been proved to be the best freelancing sites at present. And, thousands of freelancers are getting any kind of job through these online platforms.

How do these freelancing sites work?

Below are the sites I will talk about are trusted freelancing websites. But before you learn about the websites, let’s know ′′ how these freelancing job sites work”.

See, when you sign up on these sites, you’ll see the different works related to different categories on the website. For example, people post projects in different subjects like video editing, content writing, coding, development, marketing, etc.

You can select the jobs as your skills and knowledge and request to do that work. If the person who posted it saves you to do it, you can do it. Also, you can post tasks by writing about your skills if you want.

This will help people learn about you and increase your job chances. In contrast to doing the tasks you have taken correctly, you are paid the amount of money you have already fixed for that work.

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Are these kinds of websites trustworthy?

Hey, these websites are 100 % trustworthy and millions of people are getting different small and big projects from these websites.

However, the problem can occur if you can’t do the job you took in the right way or at the right time. So, you should know the whole thing beforehand about how to do the job you have taken.

If you can do everything well, there will be no problem. And, your work will be paid against.

Here is the Top ten List of freelancing sites – (2021)

Let’s now learn about each of the best and trusted sites that can provide freelancing jobs.

  1. Upwork
  1. Guru
  1. Freelancer
  1. Truelancer
  1. Fiverr
  1. DesignHill
  1. Toptal
  1. Dribbble
  1. 99designs
  1.  People per Hour

Let’s briefly learn about the websites.

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1. Upwork

This website is very popular for getting any kind of freelancing work. You can find any kind of project here. Web development, app development, graphic designing, writing & editing, digital marketing, sales, customer service, etc. different categories are available here.

Meanwhile, there must be some work for any freelancer on the Upwork website. Here, you can also find work for hours. Even if you’re a brand new freelancer, it’s okay. There’s work for everyone. >> Visit Upwork site

2. Guru

This is also a very popular and famous freelancing website through which freelancers have been paid $ 250 Million so far. There are 800,000 employees from all over the world who regularly publish tasks and projects.

A lot of work is posted on topics like Programming, development, writing, designing, business & finance, sales & marketing, etc.

Guru is a very trusted site where a large number of freelancers are working. You can showcase some of your projects done before. This will benefit you to get new jobs. >> Visit Guru

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is a very popular and very old website where freelancing works can be found. Freelancer.com People trust the site too much. Because it must have made a good reputation for getting old. Here you can find any kind of part-time and full-time work. Here is the bid for every job.

This means, the work is given or done on how much money a freelancer will do any work. There is a possibility of getting a lot of work here, but there is a lot of competition between freelancers for the bidding system. >> Visit freelancer.com

4. Truelancer

Truelancer is called the best freelancing site in India. You can see various projects or tasks as soon as you visit the website. After creating an account on the website, you can request to do those things. 

You will get more work in IT & programming, graphic design & multimedia, content writing, data entry, accounting, app development, social media, etc. >> Visit Truelancer site

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a very popular website in the world of freelancing. This website is very trustworthy and freelancers from almost all over the world come here looking for jobs. The process of getting jobs in Fiverr is different than other websites.

What is Fiverr? How to earn Here, you have to post writing about what work you can do and how much you will charge for that job. And then, clients give you jobs after seeing your posts. >> Visit Fiverr site

6. DesignHill

This is also a very popular and famous freelancing website. However, here you will only find the works related to designing.

So, if you are a professional graphic designer, then this platform is the best for you. Here you can find the works related to designing like Logo design, business cards, letterhead design, poster, catalog, leaflet, menu design, blog design, mobile app design, web designing, etc. >> Visit site DesignHill

7. Toptal

If you are a designer or developer, you can find the works related to freelancing on this website. But remember, only the best freelancers work here. 

But this website may prove more profitable to you than other websites. Because you don’t have to work here for less money and you are paid the right price for your work.

>> Visit website Toptal

8. Dribbble

This is a different platform where you have to share your own work. When you share your work as a designer on this platform, Then various clients will see your work and portfolio and if you like the job, they will definitely give you a new job.

>> Visit site Dribble

9. 99designs

This is also a platform where you will get the works related to designing. For example, posters, social media pages, logo designs, app designs, WordPress theme designs, graphics designs, etc. So, if you are a freelancer involved in designing work, then this platform is the best for you.

>> Visit site 99designs

Our last words,

So friends, today we came to know a List of freelancing sites, which websites are the best to get freelancing jobs. Meanwhile, every website has the same working process. However, after using it for a few days, you will not have any special problems.

So, if you like our today’s article ′′ best freelancing websites list then do share the article. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, let us know by commenting below.

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