How to verify a website on Google Search Console or submit a blog website in the google webmaster tool?

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Today we will talk and learn about how to submit a website to Google search engine.

How to submit a new website in google search?

However, if there is no one to read the articles published or written on your blog, then what is the use of writing them. If there is no traffic or visitors to the blog, it is not possible to earn money from the blog through any means. So, after creating your blog, the first and most important thing is to bring ” traffic and visitors to the blog “.
As we all know, Google search engines can get free traffic and visitor to any blog or website. But in this chest, first, you have to submit your own website in Google search. Because, when you create a new website, Google does not have any information about that website. So, we have to inform Google about each of our new websites first. Otherwise, Google will not show the information related to our website in its search results.

To add a website to Google, we need to know about the ” Google search console ” Only through the Google search console, we can get visitors from Google by submitting our blog or website to Google search.

What will we learn?

  • What is the Google search console?
  • How do I link my website to “Google Search Console”?
  • How to verify your website with Google search console?
  • How do I submit my new website to Google search and show them in search results?

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Above I have told you what we will talk about in this article. What is a micro nice blog? Remember, in order to add a website to Google search, you need to know the above 4 points very well.

What is the Google search console?

Google Search Console is free help from Google, which permits you to get data about each capacity of your site in the web index.

For example, on the Google search results page, you will find information about how your website is displayed, how many times it has been shown, whether the website is being indexed correctly, for which keywords people clicked on your website, how many backlinks the website has, etc. Simply put, it provides information related to your website and Google search engine.

Moreover, if there is any problem with any page or URL address of your website or website in google search, it is also notified to you through this google search console tool. And so, every blogger or website owner uses this free tool from Google. Thus, a few years ago, Google had a service called ” Google submit URL ” for submitting websites or any URL.

And, using this service we could submit our website or domain (domain) to Google. As a result, Google quickly and easily indexed our new website and added it to its search results page. However, at present Google does not provide any service called ” Google submit URL “.

And so, now we have to do this with the Google search console. Hey, we need to use “Google Search Console” to index or submit all kinds of pages and URL addresses associated with any website and website.

Do you understand “Google search console” and what it does?

Hope you understand. (How to submit a website in Google search). How to submit your new website to Google search? (Submit a website to Google) The rules for indexing a website in Google search are very simple and straightforward. You can add your website to Google in just 2 minutes by following a few steps.

Step 1:

First of all, go to the search console website and log in using your Google / Gmail account. Now, after successfully logging in to the search console, you will see two options, which will be written: ” Welcome to google search console “.

The two options are –

  • Domain 
  • URL prefix 

Step 2: Now, to submit the website to Google, we need to use the ” URL prefix ” option.

Google Search Console

As you can see in the picture above, there is a place to write the name of our website at the bottom of the “URL prefix” option. Simply put, click on the “ Continue ” option below with your website name or URL address.

Step 3:

This time, a page called “Verify ownership” will be displayed. Here, you will see some verification methods.

Website Varification MathodVerify your website with a search console.

This means that you have to prove that the website or URL address you submitted is your own. And in this case, you can use any one of the “verification methods”.

  • HTML file download
  • HTML tag
  • Google analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Domain name provider

It is only possible to verify the website using these methods.

Step 4:

Remember, with Google Search Console, you can use any of the means provided to verify the website. However, it is not possible for a new blogger or website owner to have knowledge of everything in the first place. So, among these verification methods, we can basically verify the website using two simple methods.

  • HTML file
  • HTML tag

search console verification methods.

Remember, these two processes are the easiest. And, only one of them should be used.

Step 5: (If you have difficulty, do step 7 instead of this step)

Now, if you want to verify the website using the first method “ HTML file ”, then for that you have to log in to the cPanel of your website server and go to “ public.html ”.

This means that you can download a verification file by clicking on the “download the file” link in the HTML file option provided in the search console. Then, upload the verification file to the “public.html” folder on your website’s server. After uploading the file, click on the ” Verify ” link in the google search consoleIn this way, your website will be properly verified and your given website will be taken by Google. However, those who are not able to do this process can do the following ” Step 6 ” process.

Step 7: (Verify using HTML tag)

This time we will verify the website submitted to Google Search Console through “HTML tag”Remember, this is the easiest and fastest process of website verification. However, first, we will learn the process of verifying the ” blogger website” and then the WordPress website.

1. Copy google site verification HTML code / tag  

Copy google site verification code.

In the Google search console, after clicking on the ” HTML tag option ” below the text ” other verification methods “, you will be given an HTML site verification code or tag. You can copy the code by clicking on the “copy” button next to it. And, this copied site verification HTML tag should be pasted under the <Head> tag in the HTML code editor of our blogger website.

2. Go to blogger dashboard

First, you have to login into your blogger account and go to the blogger dashboard.

Verify blogger Website with search console 

Now click on the “ theme ” option on the left side of the blogger dashboardAfter clicking on the Theme option, you can see the theme of your blogger blog on the right-hand side. Finally, as shown in the image above, under the theme you will find an option to ” Edit HTML “. 

3. Paste the verification code Now, as soon as you click on edit HTML, a box will open in front of you, where there will be some HTML code related to the website theme.
Now understand with a little meditation. In the HTML code box, you will see a tag named <head> at the topJust below the <Head> tag, we need to paste the HTML code or tag of the copied “ google site verification ”. Paste the code and click on the “ save theme ” option at the top.
4. Verify blogger site with search console 
Now, in order to verify your Blogger website with a Google search for the end of the console, google search console at the bottom of the page, HTML tag option ” verify ” button.

Now you will see a notification, which will say ” ownership verified “. This means that your website is connected to the Google Search Console. Then, your Blogger blog will be indexed very quickly in the Google search engine. However, there are other steps you can take to quickly index your website or pages on Google. I will tell you about it later. Let’s know how to verify a WordPress website now.

Verify the WordPress website with a search console  

Above, we learned how to verify a Blogger website and connect it to the Google Search Console. However, now we will paste the “google site verification code” on a WordPress site, connecting the website with the search console.

1. Copy the HTML verification tag

Copy google site verification code.

In this case, first of all, you have to copy the HTML TAG from the verification method page of the Google search console.

Click on the ” HTML tag option ” below the text ” other verification methods ” in the Google search console, you will see the code.

Click on the Copy button to copy the code.

2. Login to WordPress dashboard 

First of all, you need to login to your own WordPress website and go to “ WordPress dashboard ”. Now, you need to install a new plugin. In this case, you have to click on the “ plugins >> add new plugin ” option from the WordPress dashboard.

Add new WordPress plugin

As you can see in the picture above, you need to search for the plugin called ” Insert Header and Footer ” and then install and activate it.

3. Locate plugin to paste the verification code 

Now you will see an option of “ insert header and footer ” from the “ settings ” link on the left side of your WordPress dashboardJust click on the “insert header and footer” option.

4. Paste the site verification code 

Finally, after clicking on the “Insert header and footer” option, you will see some boxes. Remember, the first box to have ” scripts in header ” written on it is to paste your copied code. Now paste the code, click on the ” Save ” option below.

5. Click verify in google search console 

After pasting the code in WordPress and “Save”, you have to go to “Google search console”. In the search console, there will be a button called ” Verify ” at the bottom right of the HTML tag optionIf you click there, your WordPress website will be connected to the google search console. As shown in the picture above, you will also be shown notification saying “ ownership verified ”.

Step 6:

Now your website is connected to Google Search Console. Google will then submit your domain name to Google’s search engine. However, this may take some time.

Bring the website to Google search immediately 

If you want, you can immediately bring your website or other pages or URL addresses associated with the website, as well as Google search, and bring them to Google search. To do this, you need to use the ” URL inspection ” function from the dashboard of the google search console

Submit a website on google.

As you can see in the picture above, there is an option called ” URL inspection ” on the left side of the Google search consoleNow, after clicking on URL inspection, paste the URL address of your website in the “ inspect any URL box ” above.

Now, click on the “ request indexing ” option below.

In this, Google will take the request to submit your URL, website address, or article page along with its search results. And then in just a short time, the page or article page of your website will be indexed in Google search.

This way, using the “URL inspection tool”, we can submit any URL, page, or article page of our website to Google.

Our last word,

So friends, through Google Search Console, you may have a better understanding of how to submit a website to Google ( how to submit a website in Google search ). Also, I told you about how to verify your blogger and WordPress website with a google search console.

The rules for submitting a website to Google search are very simple. However, if you have any problems, let me know in the comments.

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