Friends, in today’s article we will learn about some rules and methods of how to Earn Money From Telegram Channel. Earn Money Top Sits: List of freelancing sites Where Online Jobs Can Be Found.

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How to earn money from Telegram channel?

Meanwhile, I’ve told you before, about the different processes of making money from the internet.

Hey, there must be many mediums to earn online income. And, the issue of earning from the internet is a very popular thing at present. We have many platforms like YouTube channel, blogging, Facebook through which you can earn online.

However, Earn Money From Telegram or Telegram can also be considered as a good platform to earn money online along with this platform. This means it is possible to earn money by creating a telegram channel. You may be thinking now that Telegram is a messaging app through which online chatting etc. is done,

So, how is income possible through this? What you think is completely correct, but remember that we sometimes don’t care about many things. How you don’t know how to earn money from telegram channels yet. My friend is currently going from his telegram account to about 20,000 /- to 30,000 /- every month. And, when I asked him, brother, what are the rules of earning from Telegram, he explained everything to me.

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How to earn from Telegram channel?

Friends, we will know below that we can earn income from our telegram channel using any process. The processes my friend is using to earn from a telegram app, I will tell you all those processes. But, before that, some important questions related to telegram and their answers should be known.

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Will you be sent money from the telegram app?

No, telegram will not pay you. Your income and telegram company have no relation. Even if you are using your own telegram account or channel, some external methods are used to earn money.You can earn through the members in your telegram channel.

And in this case, it is important to use some external process or method.
However, we will know below about these external processes that are important to earn through telegram.

Is it possible to Earn Money From Telegram Channel in reality?

Hey, at present thousands of people are definitely earning through their telegram channel/group. If you understand the matter well and work with heart, telegram is a profitable and genuine medium of online income.
Well, you need to understand some things better in this case.

  • Like, You must have a telegram channel to earn income.
  • Your channel/group must have at least 5000 members/followers.
  • The more the channel members are there, the more the opportunity for income will be there.

More followers are needed in the Telegram channel to earn money using affiliate marketing, reselling, etc processes. So, first of all, you have to think, ′′ How to get more members/followers in your telegram channel. Once you have a good number of followers on your channel, you can think of earning money.


To earn money from this new platform you need to do everything right and planning from the start.
To start online income through Telegram, you have to do it first,

  • Create a telegram account.
  • Select a profitable channel topic.
  • Create a Telegram channel.
  • Publish content regularly.
  • Get minimum 5000 members.

Now by seeing the points above, you might have understood what you have to do first. You don’t have to think about making money first. You can only earn money when your telegram channel has lots of followers.

So, first, think about how you can create a telegram channel and bring more followers there.


  • First of all download the Telegram messenger app from your mobile.
  • Now, open the app and create a telegram account using your mobile number.
  • After creating an account, now you can create a channel or group.
  • Before making a channel, you have to think about which channel you will create. Select an interesting channel 
  • topic to get followers quickly.
  • After considering the channel topic, click on the options icon of the telegram app. Now you can see an option called 
  • new channel Create your own channel by clicking there directly.
  • Now publish the content related to the channel subject every day. If you publish regular content, your Telegram
  • the channel will soon increase members (member).
  • In the end, try to bring at least 3 to 5 thousand members to your channel. In this case, you can do marketing 
  • of your telegram channel in other social media pages, blogs, YouTube channels, etc.

So friends, by looking at the points above, you have understood what you have to do first. Once you become a member of between 3 thousand to 5 thousand in your channel. You can earn money from Telegram channel using the processes given below.

Rules of earning money through telegram

When a good amount of members will be deposited in your telegram channel,
Then, you can earn part-time or full-time income from Telegram using these procedures below.
You can use these mediums to earn online from Telegram,

  • Affiliate marketing
  • URL shortener websites
  • Product reselling
  • Paid promotion
  • Referral income
  • Paid subscription
  • Donation

Let’s know the topics in detail.


  • Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to earn money through Telegram.
  • By the way, I told you all before, what affiliate marketing is.
  • There are thousands of e-commerce websites that sell different types of products on the internet.
  • Most of these e-commerce websites have an option to ′′ become an affiliate ′′ through which you can create an affiliate account.
  • If you have registered as an affiliate on e-commerce websites,
  • Then you will be given a different affiliate link to each product of the e-commerce website.
  • If you share the affiliate links of the product in your telegram channel,
  • So, your channel members will get a chance to buy the products through that affiliate link.
  • And if anyone has bought any product through your affiliate link,
  • Then you are given some money as a commission to sell the product on behalf of that e-commerce company.
  • In this way, the process of making commission income by selling products of other online e-commerce websites is called affiliate marketing.
  • Many people are using affiliate marketing to gain a lot from telegram.

You can use these e-commerce websites given below

  • eBay partner network 
  • Amazon affiliates
  • Flipkart affiliate 
Already there are many types of affiliate networks on the internet, which you can use.


There are many websites on the internet where you can shorten any URL address.
Any type of URL like YouTube video URL, image URL, or blog article URL, etc.
But, when the URL links are shortened through these websites,
Then some advertisements (ads) were installed in those URL links.

As a result, if the URL link address of the shortened content is clicked, then some advertisements are shown to the user before showing the original content. And, you get paid from this advertisement shown.

Earn income by doing Captcha entry work

In this way, share your telegram channel by shortening the URL addresses of different types of funny videos, images, or articles through the URL shortener website. Whenever the members of your channel open those links,
Then they will be shown some advertisements first before they show the original content. As a result, you will get money.

You can earn by joining this URL shortener website given below and by sharing different links to your own channel.



There are many products reselling apps and websites on the internet through which you can earn a lot. Creates an account in product reselling website or apps, You can sell the products on those websites or apps as your own and earn good profits.

So, by connecting with such a reselling app or website, you can promote the products in your own telegram channel.

If the members of your channel have bought any product, then you will definitely be benefited.

  • You can earn from Google in 3 ways.


If your telegram channel has thousands of followers or members,
Then paid promotion can be a medium for your income. Because today’s any business, product, service, video or blog everyone wants to do their own marketing on the internet. 

And, if you have thousands of members in your telegram channel,
Then many people will want to give you money to promote their product or business on your channel. But for the paid promotion, you have to look for clients. In this case, you can go to different Facebook pages to find clients.

  • Earn money by selling pictures online.


There are many such apps that pay us to refer. So, since your telegram channel has a lot of members, Instead of referring like this, you can register in paid apps and share your referral link in your own channel.

When users will install that app using your referral link or do certain tasks, Then you will get your referral income in that app account. Earn money with Android apps. There are various android apps that give about 10 to 25 taka against just a referral install.


If you are sharing premium content or downloads on your telegram channel,
Then you can take a subscription charge by keeping your channel private.
This means if anyone wants to join your telegram channel,
Then you can become a member of your channel by giving some money as a subscription pack.


If you have thousands of members in your telegram channel. Then of course you can ask for their donation. If you talk about donating in a very small amount, your channel members will definitely donate. And, when many people will donate small amounts, it will become a big number. What is outsourcing? Make income through this So what did we learn today.

Today we learned that some effective ways of how to earn money from telegram channels. If you like today’s article ′′ how to Earn Money From Telegram ChannelThen you must share the article. If there are any questions or suggestions related to the article, Then let me know by commenting below.


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