Best Sewing needles are the smallest, but very important part of any sewing machine. Today, I will discuss Needles for a sewing machine. Compared to other parts, sewing needles are the most stressed. Therefore, the quality of the stitch and the appearance of any defects in the sewing machine operation depend on the state of the needle, its type, and settings. Best Sewing needles for Garments industries.

Best Sewing needles

Sewing needle may cause stitching defects

Needles for sewing machines should be carefully selected not only under the fabric, but also the thread used. In any instructions to the sewing machine there are recommendations for the use of threads and needles, be sure to follow these requirements.

Skipping stitches, needle breakage, thread breakage, thread looping in a line often occur due to the fact that a needle of improper size or type is used on the sewing machine, the needle has a curvature, or is dull.

Defects of sewing needles are not subject to correction

Before you install the needle, you need to check whether it has a curvature, a bluntness of the tip, or rust. There are also other defects, for example, the absence of the ear or its wrong arrangement in relation to the thread groove, but this is quite rare. So, you should buy the best Needles for sewing machines.

Defective sewing needles, including curved and blunted, it is better to immediately throw out, so that they do not fall under the arm. Never try to sharpen or straighten a sewing needle. Any defect of this type of needle cannot be corrected.

Sewing needles, especially needles for sewing machines, are made of extremely durable steel and a good needle is one that breaks when struck or trying to straighten it and does not bend like a nail.

When installing the needle, pay attention to the shape of the bulb Pay attention to the flask of the needle (the upper part, which is inserted into the needle bar)

Quite often, seamstresses use needles with a round bulb (without a cut) for their household sewing machines. Needles with such a bulb are used only for industrial machines and are sometimes found in household overlockers.

A sewing needle for household sewing machines always has a saw cut on the flask (for error-free installation). The use of industrial sewing needles always leads to malfunctions, and sometimes to serious breakdowns.

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